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Humdifiers can help protect you and your family.

Why that old vaporizer is probably the quickest and most cost-effective way to reduce a virus’s ability to spread within your home.

Many people don’t realize how controlling your home’s humidity is potentially the easiest way to reduce a virus’s ability to spread and infect people…

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More High Paying Jobs than Workers in Heating & Cooling Trade

When demand is high and supply is low, it typically reflects appreciably on the price that can be commanded, whether talking about commodities or wages. For several years now, the shortage of skilled workers in trades in the U.S. has been a hot topic. At the same time, stories abound of college graduates holding minimum wage jobs and fending off their education debt while looking for a career…

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Fan Efficiency Rating and Your Furnace: What You Need to Know

What the law requires for the efficiency of your furnace.
The Fan Efficiency Rating (FER) is a federal standard limiting the power consumption of certain furnace fans. Designed to help curb carbon emissions and energy costs, the Department of Energy (DOE) predicts these regulations will save Americans around $9 billion by 2030. These regulations will go into effect on…

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